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KGTea Ji Ping Tea King Red Box 极品茶王 (红) (36 sachets X 10 gm) Free Ji Pin Clay 200ml Unglazed Teapot

RM 148.00

Ji Pin Tea King 极品茶王 (红) is specially selected from precious rare species Oolong Tea. Being prepared under strict supervision, it's characteristic fragrant aroma is well preserved. When brewed, the tea produce a fragrance of flowery and fruity taste and has a mellow refreshing and sweet after-taste. according to present scientific researches, the tea is good for anti-ageing, reducing high blood pressure, enhance immunity and preventing heart disease etc. Frequent drinking can help promote digestion, reduce fat, relieve fatigue and invigorate one's wit.
Ji Pin Tea King 极品茶王 is indeed an ideal daily health beverage.
极品茶王乃别具一格之茶中极品。 以独特工艺采制,故其色泽鲜海,汤色金黄,浓艳清澈,醇厚甘鲜,香气扑鼻,其优异品质驰名遐迩。 极品茶王,一杯在手,怡情悦性,舌留余甘,常饮可提神醒脑,驱倦止渴,同时去脂除腻,降血压,减胆固醇,不但是保健之饮品,亦为 送礼佳品。