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KGTea Xiao Yao Xiang Tea 逍遥香 - Superfine Oolong Tea (50 sachets X 7.5 gm)

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Oolong Tea has been a popular beverage enjoyed by people for centuries, and from past experience, has been used to promote good health, cure diseases and encourage longevity. Recent experiments have proven tea to be effective in anti-ageing and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Xiao Yao Xiang 逍遥香 (Superfine Oolong Tea) is prepared from the finest Oolong Tea, imported from China's prominent Anxi Tea producing districts. It is superior to other tea species with a unique flowery fragrance and mellow flavor.

 Xiao Yao Xiang 逍遥香 (Superfine Oolong Tea) when brewed gives a liquor of brisk greenish brown and the fragrant flavor enhanced a long lingering after taste very much to the delight of the tea connoisseurs.

Frequent drinking of Xiao Yao Xiang 逍遥香 (Superfine Oolong Tea) will help invigorate digestion and urinary systems, reduce cholesterol and fats, relieve fatique and moderate mental stress. Thus it is indeed an ideal daily health drink,