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KGTea Premium Liu Bao Tea in potbag 六堡茶 (36 teabags X 7.5 gm)

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Liu Bao 六堡茶 Black Tea is produced in Guangxi Province, China. The famous post fermented tea falls within the same category as Pu'-Er Tea. Categorised as "Black Tea" in China, Liu Bao 六堡茶 has a distinct bright red liquor with a unique betel nut- like flavour. Apart from clearing heat, eliminating dampness and assisting digestion, Liu Bao 六堡茶 tea contains a larger content of fat lytic enzymes that assist decomposing fat and lowering of cholesterol and triglyceride within human body. The health benefits of Liu Bao 六堡茶 Tea has become popular among tea lovers.